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Origin and processing

Agus Samsudin, a successful architect from Timur on Java is a great coffee lover, and discovered many years ago his love of Luwak coffee.

He wanted to know everything about this coffee, on its production, the character of different roasts and its preparation.

Kupi Luwak is also in Indonesia known as an exclusive and rare specialty that is hard to get and expensive too. He started for the joy of coffee with some coffee farmers producing their own cat coffee, named Kopi Luwak Jatimulyo.

He named
this specialty coffee in honor of   the symbol of the city, a noble, great and ancient oak-tree, the so called "Jatimulyo" .



  Schleichkatze Momo auf Agus Samsudin


 A fair deal

The coffee is produced on site, cleaned, dried, roasted, ground and packed.
Since Kopi Luwak is not industrial mass produced, it ensures a regular income to small producers.
Through the sale of coffee and a small coffee shop in the roasting facility, he created an important source of revenue for local rural residents.

Auslese und Verarbeitung der KaffeebohnenTraditionelle Röstung des KaffeesReinigung der Kaffeebohnen




The Kopi Luwak is sold directly from Germany.
In this way
we achieve short delivery times in Europe and and can directly serve our customers locally. The bulk of the proceeds goes directly to the producers.


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